Jalzachih 8030 Gadget Handsfree Tablet Holder


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- This integrated Jalzachih 8030 Gadget Handsfree Tablet Holder, keeps your device secure while standing with both hands free to type.


- Compatible with any tablet, iPad, Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Surface, Smartphone.

- Convenient - both hands free 

- Works with 5.24"-10.24" tablets & smartphones

- Adjustable viewing angle

- 10.5" sturdy aluminum arm

- 360º rotation for portrait or landscape viewing

- Uniquely designed for Jalzachih Leather Bros, LLC.

- Stylish elegant design- strong sleek aluminum frame

- Our best electronic accessory in 1 package

- Color: Black/Silver

- Full Grain Leather 

- Designed by Jalzachih Leather Bros in California.

- Made in Mexico