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Agata azteca natural single shoulders JSS45


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Pre-cut straight edge!!!

The best quality Veg-Tan import tooling single shoulders. Emboss, stamp and carve your leather work. Dyeing property, very clean, well trimmed and good size with nice length. Available in several weights for your leather projects. Can be used for special wet molding masks, pocket and hunting knife cases, boxes, computer bags and more. 

Our welting leather is tanned inside pits and drums or 100% drums using a mix of vegetable extracts such as Chestnut, Quebracho and Mimosa. The tanning and waxing process guarantee a compact and tight fiber, also an excellent softness and lubrication.


Thickness Aprox. (4-5 oz. 1.5 mm)

Sizes from (5.5 sq.ft. Average)